Showcase your digital designs. Beautifully and super easy with Hamok.

Create high resolution mockups, personalise, export and use everywhere.

The mock-up design tool for everybody

When you’re in the business of creating digital products or content, you want to present it perfectly to your clients and prospects; from a website or web application, to an advertisement or any other type of online content.

However, making great visuals always takes up too much time, they don’t look as good as you wanted or require you to get a designer. Well, not anymore..

"OK, so how easy is it really?"

Use any live URL or image

Create a beautiful mockup by loading any live web URL or upload an image.

Present your new website, highlight a feature of your SaaS or even showcase your InVision project or Facebook and Instagram Ads with their preview URL.

Choose a desktop, tablet or mobile template

Hamok offers a wide array of templates of different types of devices. The web project stays responsive and interactive, so you can scroll to a detail of the page you want to display in the mock-up.

Some templates have a transparent background so you can add your own, some are incorporated in a scene.

Personalise your mockup

Set a background color or a background image. Make the image fit with the background using blending modes and blur options. Powerful options to easily personalise a mock-up to any brand.

Export in high resolution and use everywhere

Export your mockup to full-hd or 4k images and use everywhere to personalise your keynotes, quotes, other documents or on the web.

The ease of use will make you put a mock-up in anything.

Still wondering how easy it really is?

Just download Hamok for free and see for yourself.

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