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How to create an Instagram Ad mockup

Werner Bastianen
19 August 2018

With an Instagram ad mockup, you can showcase your creative work on Instagram ads in the best possible way to your clients. With Hamok, this becomes super easy and fast.

Facebook allows you to preview ads from within the Ads Manager and in their Creative Hub, but that’s focussed on previewing an ad to the marketer who is already creating it.

If you want to create a convincing and visual media plan to impress your client or colleagues, you’re limited to a plain boring screenshot. The great benefit of the live URL input is that you can link tools together; Facebook’s preview feature and Hamok’s design super powers.

Find the preview URL

Via the Share icon in the Ads Manager, you can find the URLs to the ad for Instagram.


Copy & paste in Hamok

Simply copy the URL of the post on Instagram and paste it in the Slide panel.

Customise and export

Use the powerful customisation features to brand the mockup or just export with one of the ready-to-go templates.

Create your Instagram Ad mockup with Hamok