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How to get your purchased templates in the app

Werner Bastianen
6 February 2019

Hamok comes with several free templates to start, but you can buy a lot more templates to create beautiful mock-ups for a one-time fee.

After your purchase, you probably want to start using your template right-away. To make it easy, you don’t have to download and install any additional files or anything. Everything happens, almost, automatically from with in the Hamok app.


1. Automatically on start up

When you open the application, it will automatically check for new templates and templates you’ve purchased in the meantime.

If the app is already open. Quitting and reopening it would do the trick.


2. Manually in settings

If Hamok was already running when you made the purchase, you might need to run a manual refresh. You can do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Just go to the opening screen of Hamok, if you were working in a project
  2. Open Settings in the top right
  3. Click the ‘Refresh mockups’ button